Case Studies

Global Pharmaceutical Firm Transforms US IT Operations
The CIO of the North American operations of a top tier global Pharmaceutical company decided to transform the organization to address changing business dynamics. The organization needed to recalibrate IT resources and their ability to meet the increasing demands for IT services, in light of significant changes in the company’s markets. She initiated the transformation by moving to a demand and delivery model, then re-structuring the application management and delivery organization, with the objectives of focusing demand while improving service delivery and overall performance...Read More

Big Four Professional Services Firm Implements Knowledge Management Systems
A global professional services firm was implementing an enterprise-wide intranet for its US business.   The objective was to replace a series of intranets managed by multiple business owners and having no common user experience with an enterprise-wide portal, a gateway for all employees to access information for both internal activities and to support client service delivery.  At the same time, the Firm was embarking on a new strategy around Knowledge Management, with goals to create a culture of knowledge sharing and communication, provide easy access to relevant content and people, and establish effective collaborative networks...Read More

Global Insurance Company Globalizes IT Services
A global insurance company with multiple brands and business units had, for many years, underinvested in its IT infrastructure. Having assessed the cost and quality of its current infrastructure, leadership identified a critical need for upgrades to meet basic industry standards. Cumbersome or inefficient IT processes and incompatible applications and systems were impeding the company’s ability to manage efficiently across its business units. And fragmented vendor relationships and procurement standards across the business units meant that IT spending did not ensure the right quality at the best price...Read More

Global Consulting Firm Develops CSR Strategy
The Consulting arm of a ‘Big Four’ global professional services firm was spun off from the parent firm as a separate, publicly held corporation. The company needed to build its own infrastructure and support processes. One of the areas that needed to be established for this stand-alone company was a global philanthropy program, to serve local and global communities, enhance marketplace presence and improve employee morale...Read More

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